Greetings and thank you for visiting my website.


For many years I have avoided the dreaded Artist Statement.


I have had the desire to have a well articulated statement explaining somewhat of what I feel that it is that I do.


Also I have also wanted to try and include and explain the reasoning behind why it is I feel driven to continue my artistic efforts and their meaning behind them.


Attempting to make a true proclamation to serve as my manifesto.  


Within I will attempt to share relevant information in a chronological order of past, present and future.


It is my desire to construct a sincere and honest statement providing relevant details about me and the art I am making.


All that being said thank you for being interested enough to reading this, Thank You!



















I have been giving a lot of thought recently about where I am in my life.


Reflecting upon my journey thus far, I feel mostly secure with the decisions I’ve made.


I am appreciative of my family and friends who have helped me become the person I am.  


I have been privileged to have been born into a loving family with good parents.


I am grateful for my daily experience of family, life, love and community.


I reflect upon the opportunities that I have had in life and I am appreciative and feel humble.  





My interest in art has been steadfast since I was a child.


I have always thought of myself as an artist, sculptor, potter and musician.


I have always found the time and needed the time to create and think creatively.


However only recently I have become comfortable saying I am an Artist.




I have always been attracted to people who made things like glass blowers and blacksmiths.


Those type of skills possessed a certain magic to me in my more formative years.  


Craftsmen whom I was exposed to possessed an enjoyment and excitement about their work.


A career choice seemingly provided an opportunity for lifelong learning and a skill to hone.


In addition to the people and the processes I was exposed to,  I also came to admire the objects that were being created.


Seeing those objects provided me with early inspirations for the work that I desired to later make.







I feel that I have always had a play based approach to my art through discovery.


This approach has allowed for my exploratory journey of art to advance in a  progressive direction.


Allowing my interests to be navigated by curiosity has provided for an unconventional education.


In college I eventually became interested enough in Art History and Ceramics to obtain a degree.


I found myself drawn to Art Historical objects and conversations about Contemporary Art.


With regard to clay…


When I started becoming interested in ceramics - it bothered me when I would see my works get broken or not make it through the production or firing phase.


It did teach me that ceramics are sometimes ephemeral and often times fragile.


Being mindful and aware of this has allowed me not to become too attached to any one given piece and kept me working in the moment.


It’s here one moment and gone the next quality of ceramics has influenced how I create my work.


It has allowed my wheel thrown pieces to become more expressionistic and looser as time goes on.


I  have never felt that I have had the desire or interest  to explore small safe forms.


I  have never felt the need for a safe harbor for my ceramic  work.


I have always felt it necessary to push my work by trying to work on a large ambitious forms.





My fast casual approach to creating ceramic work on the wheel gives me a certain sense of freedom with respect to its creation.


I have always been interested in distorting the form of a wheel thrown object as it relates to wheel thrown sculpture.


With great frequency these exercises often haven’t,  didn’t or wouldn’t result in a piece of tangible art at the end of the exercise.  


Countless pots I have made had to be chalked up to practice and experience in an effort to try and  try again.


When all is right and harmonious, I can experience a transcendental type of epiphany as it  relates to my mind, body and spirit, but this is rare.  


I have spent numerous hours practicing my techniques developing my signature marking in an attempt to a become a more identifiable ceramic artist.


Mostly I do not use standard ceramic tools, rather I  chose to make my ceramics  using mostly my hands as it provides for subtle finger markings and marks that I feel are my signature.


The lack of using tools and my desire to manipulate immediately after being thrown provides me with several technical challenges as I attempt to make my large ambitious ceramic forms.


Nonetheless, I have become hooked on the experience of making and throwing clay. It centers me.


I generally make the time to throw clay at least once a week.


My ceramic heros were Stephen De Staebler, Peter Voulkos, and “the Mad Potter from Biloxi Mississippi” George Ohr respectively.


Thoughts about bronze...


While some ceramics are old, having withstood the test of time intact: often they do not.


For that reason I was looking for a medium that had a durability and a permanence when bronze and I became introduced.


This alloy has come to be my prefered media in which to create sculpture.


Having chosen to embark down this road of creating bronze sculpture using lost wax casting has been an exercise in patience much of the time.


Shortly after graduating from college I began working for Metalphysic Sculpture Studio, a world class fine art foundry located in Tucson Arizona.


My employment and affiliation at Metalphysic has allowed me to be active participant in working on several amazing projects and a lot of really cool Public Art.


Currently I am a member of the Metalphysic krewe. Each member has their own area of specialization. Each team member's combined efforts result in the production of bronze sculpture.


I have literally  been exposed to every facet of the foundry as it relates to ceramic shell investment and silicon bronze casting having worked on thousands of pieces.  


My areas of  concentrations in the past have been mould making and patina. Currently my focus is in metal chase where I work mostly TIG welding and metal chasing as I assemble sculpture.


While I claim to  be an advanced beginner in some of these areas, I am a novice in others. Regardless it does allow for me to learn new skills.


I possess the desire and aspire to continue to gain more exposure and experience in the area of three dimensional design.


I am currently learning two computer programs and  practicing these skills by making objects in the computer.


I look forward to becoming more proficient with these computer programs knowing these skills will enhance my the work I desire to make.




In my younger years, I was unable to manifest these fragmented interests into a career in the visual arts.


Thereby I found myself embarking  on a  twenty year career in the arena of bartending and hospitality. A path that I very much enjoyed, loved and was great at however...


When I was a newly married man or young father being an Artist and Bartender was a great way to provide for my family while leaving time in the day to pursue other things like art or raising young kids.


I found as time progressed,  it was becoming more difficult to allocate and dedicate the time necessary to achieve the artistic results I desired.


Often I would feel that I would just be getting to a good spot in my creative space when I would have to stop, clean up and put things away to go to work.


When rushing to put things away in a hurried fashion my tools or work space would become disorganized adding to the frustration of  time management issues I was experiencing.  


I was watching time moving on, watching my kids getting older and I was looking for an opportunity to become a more involved parent, husband and better artist.


Refocusing my priorities and applying those changes that I wanted to see in my life have had a positive effect on my life and help clarify my artistic vision. .


I now am respectful of  circadian rhythms while generally trying to be more mindful.  


These practices have resulted in a more fulfilling, enriching and balanced life.


Letting go of the hospitality industry better than two years ago has had the effect  of me adopting a more healthy outlook and has had a positive effect on my health and happiness.


These developments have also helped me be better attuned to listening to my inner voice and being able see artistic visions more clearly.



I share these personal insights not only to share my background, but also to serve as an effort to explain how some pieces have evolved.


When I started working toward casting metal, I was often focusing on learning the wax working skills necessary hoping just to get a piece cast into metal.


I began incorporating these fragments and elements combining them to become one sculpture.


Sometimes after casting these pieces they sat around in many cases for years.


They required time for thought or maybe it was for me to learn the skills needed  in order to make it into a piece of art.


I thought perhaps that there would be a milestone I would pass, a diploma, a degree I would receive to know I am an artist. As time goes by, I am realizing being an artist is just being who I have always been.


There is a freedom and a confidence being able to declare that I am an artist.




While heavily involved in nightlife: early in my career I worked dance clubs and live music venues.


Further down the line, I worked at award winning restaurants.


I have accumulated a rich collection of experiences, encounters and knowledge that I cherish.


Along the way I became excited about Travel, Martial Arts ,Rock Climbing and the Outdoors.


While many of those activities have shaped who I am : I now happily spend that time with my family.






One of my great pleasures is music. Perhaps I feel that enjoy it more than most folks.  


Directly and indirectly, music has been a peripheral focus of mine for as long as I can remember.  


Music serves several functions for me; some of which serve to motivate, escape, inspire and reflect .


It provides me a beat, a focus and an inner rhythm and certainly is referenced in my sculpture and drawings.


I aspire to try and weave a musical thread into the art I am creating try to convey a musical experience visually in several of  my sculptures and drawings.



In summary … I like the joy that having art in my life provides for me.


I am glad to have arts in my life I respect and admire its presence.  It influences and enrichs  my life.


It requires a patience and commitment to be a participant in arts.


It is my vow to stay true to the commitment I have made to answer the inner calling to continue to create Art. May the Muses smile upon me. Cheers.